Season 1 - Human Action - TEst

Sleepwalker Films presents our first season of three provocative films about human action, inaction and the push for positive change.
These galvanizing films reflect on our collective influence on the natural world and the desire to make a difference, highlighting the deeply human struggles, failures and triumphs involved.
Shown over three evenings, the events are an opportunity to connect with fellow attendees and ask each other not only what is possible, but what is necessary.
7th November | 19:00 @ Griessmühle
28th November | 19:00 @ Griessmühle
5th December | 19:00 @ Griessmühle


All profits from the screenings will go to the Global Forest Coalition.
This amazing organisation works to preserve biodiversity and forests as protection against climate change, with a focus on empowering communities in the global south.

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Climate change, political instability, social unrest…. Sometimes it’s easier to just turn the page, keep scrolling or switch off completely, but deep down we know we are sleepwalking towards catastrophe. For those curious enough to break free of their comfort zone, we can challenge each other and our governments to share the burden of responsibility and take action.
Sleepwalker Films launches in November aiming to provoke action around issues affecting everyone. Our program of screenings and debates use the power of film to spark discussion and influence change.
Change is happening. Time to wake up.
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